Got News, Part 1

Got news for you, dad.

Your friend of yours who worked for the cemetery wasn’t burying till the end. Ken, yes Kenneth. He died not long after you did. Didn’t dig his own grave as he said he would, he just wandered off until his body was found. Mom, she found the drama exciting, search parties, helicopters. I guess you didn’t get the news from there.

Mom was all happy-sounding as she only does when she’s really ratcheted up. Apparently there was an auction of his stuff. Not that anyone told me. Mom didn’t go. Bet you would have liked a keepsake. I would have got you something, had I known. Guess all the stuff from their apartment went in with that too. Would you have wanted Ken’s hatchet? Or some of the hookrugs that you thought were kinda nice. A fella can always use another blanket of what Margaret quilted. Water loves its bridges.

heart attack
an oak’s shadows

Pearl Pirie
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