Sound No. 3

Sound is an independent ingredient … It’s an additional cinematic quality. I like scratches too. They look like rain.
              — DuĊĦan Makavejev

I try to write about a one-night stand, but all I can remember are the whisky-drunk gropes and your name set on the night table along with your keys. One got lost in the dark. The other fell to the floor and was found by morning. A poet from the Ming dynasty writes about a one-night stand. The poet includes the fleeting happiness of the moment, the salinity of separation, and the dipping moon. The night is audible, as heard by the clock striking midnight, and the mandarin ducks down by the water that grind against each other until all the plum flowers are gone.

Gillian Sze
-from Panicle (ECW Press 2017)